Happy Teams 2021

Uncover your team’s brilliance and navigate challenges with ease and resilience.

We are super excited to offer uplifting online workshops for you and your team.

Together we will tap into the power of playfulness and bring the bounce back into being at work!


Has 2020 taken its toll on your team?

Would your team benefit from an energy boost in the New Year?

How would it be to embrace 2021 with increased motivation?

Kickstart your drive and
help your team thrive!


Grow your team spirit and bring out the best in everyone as you:

Connect to your strengths
Co-create an exciting team vision for 2021
Play with tools that help to generate a happy work culture


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Standard workshop format:

3 hours online


For teams of max. 16 persons


Facilitated by Sam & Andreja


In English or German


CHF 2777.-

Your Facilitators


Sam Allen

Creative Leadership Coach & Poet

A playful, passionate and quirky Creative Leadership Coach (CPCC/ACC), Poet and Podcaster from Southampton, England and living in Basel, Switzerland. Sam helps leaders and teams access and deepen their connection to their Creative Fire and increases their ability to vision and lead with heartfelt conviction.

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Dr. Andreja Wirz (PhD)

Organizational Psychologist & Leadership Coach

A creative and empathetic Leadership Coach (CPCC/ACC) with a strong background in Organizational Psychology who knows that work can be energizing and fulfilling. Andreja helps leaders and teams to rock their job by accessing their true potential and by creating a work culture where people thrive.

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